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About CEPI

CEPI is a public policy interactive media platform, aiming at helping individuals and organizations who are interested in public policy create awareness and instigate engagement around innovative & actionable policy ideas that address specific problems or opportunities.

The platform is still at stealth mode, but you can get in touch in advance to take a look at it and – most important – contribute your content in advance.

Policy Innovation

How your organization can be involved

You already have experience in your field, have done research or identified gaps, problems, opportunities and ideas; CEPI will help you create awareness and encourage engagement, supporting you in becoming a catalyst of the change you want to see!

Share specific policy ideas

Publish a policy gap, problem, opportunity or idea; we will help you spread the word and urge engagement.

Organization Branding

Your content is attributed to your organization and you will have a page for all your contributions.

Radio & Videocasts

We will help you create & communicate radio and video casts presenting & discussing your policy ideas.

Policy related articles

Publish policy related articles in CEPI’s blog, even if they are not specific policy ideas.

Citizen Engagement

Functionalities allowing people to engage with policy ideas

Policy rating


Create awareness

Contribute your opinion


Contribute your opinion

How you can get involved

Policy contributor

If you have identified gaps in policy making, unsolved problems, missed opportunities, interesting and innovative policy ideas, become a contributor and a catalyst of the change you want to see! If your organization (ie. think tank, interest group, university research center, etc) has performed relevant research and has valuable insights towards specific issues that can translate into policy, join us!

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Policy spotter

Too busy to get involved as a contributor but you fell in love with us nevertheless?  Join CEPI as policy spotter. Policy spotters give us a heads-up when they come across an interesting policy idea, innovation, opportunity or change. If you can also provide us with resources, that would be great! Once we get these information, our policy curators will work on creating content out of those ideas.

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Policy curator

If you enjoy researching & interviewing, join CEPI as policy curator. You will choose a policy idea submitted by contributors or spotters and curate their page by conducting interviews and discussions via radio (podcasts) or video (videocasts).

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In CEPI we have a robust internship program, offering the opportunity to students and young graduates to get involved into a policy / media organization.

As intern, you will have the opportunity to:
> Use a variety of web platforms and tools: project management, CRM, website/CMS
> Refine your business communication skills (written)
> Get in touch with policy researchers and activists from all around Europe
> Get exposure to the latest policy trends, issues and discussions

Usually we offer 3-month, 16 hours/week unpaid internships which can also be performed virtually. Internships can be extended if both parties agree.

Apply for internship

Be a catalyst of change

So, will you just watch or be a catalyst of the change you want to see?